Exclusion (Brief Thoughts)

I abhor the way adulthood translates into an exclusion of sorts; the divisions it creates, even more lucidly than in childhood – separations along economic status, job title, gender, religion, and sexuality. We all merely exist in a small bubble, desperately terrified to break through conformity.
Friends and associates are becoming their mothers and fathers; determined to see the world only as it appears before their eyes. We have lost a way of seeing – the language of the possible that children speak…

Emelda De Coteau
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  1. I like this post and can especially relate your thoughts on everyone being scared into conforming. Why does adulthood mean playing it safe and not embarking on new adventures? I feel like I'm just now starting my adventures, but I don't want this fun-seeking time of life to be a brief phase. I want to always be trying something new, going somewhere I've never been. It's easy to get roped into playing it safe, but that doesn't sound like a good way to better oneself.Cassie

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