Baltimore – Sorrow, Promise and Hope (Beginning Photo Series)

Although I have long considered myself a citizen of the world (mostly through exposure to books, music, films, theater, and a father from Central America), not bound to one location, my birth certificate is stamped Baltimore, MD.  All my life I’ve lived here, and defended this city against those who propagate limited views of its potential, while often feeling conflicted myself.

I drive past the same boarded up houses, day after day. Year after year, I listen to radio and television accounts of senseless murder. Wouldn’t it be easier to shut my eyes and leave? Perhaps its the activist part of me but in my mind, these are the actions of a dying person; I refuse to embrace the kind of hubris which imprisons so many. 

This semester during grad. school, I started working on a photo series entitled, Baltimore – Sorrow, Promise and Hope. The images within the series (included below) are imbued with all of these emotions, but my favorite shots are those which convey the subtleties of promise and hope – a belief that tomorrow will be different.

“So the last shall be first, and the first shall be last.” Matthew 20:16

Buddha Like in Sorrow


Misery in a Can


Life among Ruin

                                                               Abu the Flutemaker
                                 (makes instruments from trash & common household items)

Music in the City
(public art off North Ave.)
Freedom on a Bike
(off Greenmount Ave.)
“The poetry of the earth is never dead.”
-John Keats
Emelda De Coteau
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  1. I’ve looked at these before but it's still amazing that images can have the same message and power of a written essay, spoken speech or televised program. Wonderful photos. I know that many people of cities- from Baltimore to Detroit- see the lost but also the same promise (of rebirth) that you do.

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