Embracing Gratitude and Living in Color!

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Last month I mentioned we would begin a continuous dialogue about what it means to live and love in color.  No one phrase defines living and loving in color as it is a continuous journey.  Yet, lately, one word resonates with me deeply, gratitude. The concept sounds deceptively simple, but is so much more complex.

Gratitude transcends simply saying thank you, but remaining open to all the lessons life has for us, whether we want to receive them at this moment or not.  It’s taking in constructive criticism, not as an insult, but an opportunity for growth.

Perhaps you pass someone on the street who is struggling, and not only give them change, but are thankful for the reminder that we are all interconnected.     As long as others suffer, we must see our daily struggle as inextricably linked with their own. Begin to embrace an attitude of gratitude, it liberates the soul, and connects us more deeply with each other.

Lastly, before I add to the running list of what it means to live and love in color, I would like to share a few responses from readers:

“My family” (spending quality time).

– Anthony De Coteau

“Giving back.”

– Jamal Lee

“Taking the time to reflect on what is most important in the world.”
– Keston De Coteau

1. Appreciate visual art.  The artist sees what many of us overlook. Visit an art gallery, or
    simply admire 
the beauty of nature, created by God, the greatest artist.

In a Green Shade, 1984. Collage and watercolor
on board, 30 x 22 in  by Romare Bearden 

2. Enjoy thoughtful music.  Turn off commercial radio, and seek out what challenges your

3. Style. You are either born with it, or you create it.  Embrace the beauty of swag, and the
    confidence t
hat comes not from possessing material objects, but embracing your unique

 Diana Ross in Mahogany (1975)
Image from Beuluv Blog

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