Talking with Inspiring Activist Damien Nichols of Occupy Baltimore

Damien Nichols and I
Photo Credit: Keston De Coteau 

Damien Nichols, activist, Occupy Baltimore organizer and self-described “creative visionary,” doesn’t speak in slogans because he lives them, quoting Gandhi and Margaret Meade with ease. Gregarious and optimistic, one leaves his presence believing another world is possible, despite the obstacles.

As I interviewed him tonight (video of our talk coming soon, produced by Keystone Productions), Dr.Wayne Dyer’s definition of inspiration as “living in spirit and alignment with our purpose,” came to mind.  Damien is living in spirit, completely immersed within his calling – creating change and speaking the language of the possible. Where others see obstacles, he sees opportunity.

I left the Occupy Baltimore site “in spirit” or inspired by the beauty of community, and the tremendous courage of so many who refuse to accept that what has been must always be.

Here’s How You Can Get Involved:

1.Visit the Occupy Baltimore Site – McKeldin Square (corner of Pratt & Light streets).  After you arrive
    and start making friends, join a committee, or attend a general assembly meeting (every evening at 8pm).

2. Visit the Occupy Baltimore website @ for up-to-date info.  You can also
     follow the group on Facebook or Twitter or join the Occupy Baltimore Google group.

3. Donate money, food, or clothing to the cause.

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