Walk Into Your Dreams

Writer Jacqueline Luckett and I
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Photo by Dionne McConkey

There is much to be said for abandoning the confinement of others expectations and walking into one’s destiny. Jacqueline Luckett, a gifted writer who spent years in corporate America always loved writing and storytelling, and decided she would become a writer.

Over a week ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing her for The Baltimore Times about her second book, Passing Love.  While I learned much about the book and her writing life, I came away with more valuable lessons: walk through fear, and act on your dreams.

Nothing is achieved without action. So, the next time I am tempted to doubt myself or my potential, I’ll recall Ms. Luckett’s resolution to not merely exist but defy limitations. Every moment is an opportunity to redefine possibilities and begin again.

Emelda De Coteau
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