What’s in a Fortune Cookie?


Fortune cookie predictions slide back and forth in my wallet, competing for space with spare change and folded bills. Some days I feel silly, holding on to these remnants of discarded trees whose ink is surrendering to time.

For the past year, whenever I open a fortune cookie, it’s somehow related to my life. Sound absurd? Yes. I know! Believe me, everything in my life – from a Christian faith to logic – refutes this notion.

Yet the longer I think about this it’s less about the cookie, and more about a growing awareness of living a life on purpose, guided by the observation that nothing, even a fortune cookie, is arbitrary. Each moment, situation, conversation is in some way teaching us, speaking to us.

For months now I have clung to one message in particular: “Your mind is filled with ideas, explore them.” Might anyone who knows my creative spirit have said this statement to me? Of course. Would I have listened a few years ago? Maybe. What’s different now? I am committed to living awake, and for me that means embracing wisdom in the most unlikely of places.

Emelda De Coteau
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