Why Your Dreams Cannot Wait

quote-dream-doOpportunities and moments are fleeting. Tomorrow a bus could hit you. Really. I wrote that sentence to confront you and myself with the finality of life, and the urgency of dreams. Do not swallow each one whole, guard them with the stance of a dignified warrior.

A few weeks ago, the security guard in my building died, struck by a vehicle on her way to work. An older woman with a quiet smile I barely knew, yet the suddenness of her demise caused an uncomfortable truth to emerge: death is coming. We are living and dying simultaneously.

This is why our dreams cannot wait. There is an urgency whether you are 21 or 51. Always wanted to visit Paris? Find a way to make it happen. Thinking of starting your own business? Do the research and begin. Push beyond fear and self-effacing logic, because your dreams cannot wait. Begin.

Emelda De Coteau
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  1. Your blogs are always on time for my soul. I started my research for my dream, now I need to take a few more steps. I will now move forward with bigger steps. Thank you

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