Comfortable with Misery?

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Are you comfortable with misery? Does it crawl into bed with you, nestled between your comforter and consciousness? How much longer are you willing to accept being rendered invisible, ignored and abused?

The appropriate answer to these questions is simple, but arriving there requires uncompromising honesty, unhindered by rationalizations and fear. Put simply, you have to stop tolerating misery; you deserve more.

Eleanor Roosevelt wisely said “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Release misery; tell it your spirit dances with promise, kick it in the pants with those stilettos, and begin, little by little to choose risk over pragmatic safety, and dreams before despondence. Become quite uncomfortable adjusting to status quo. Procrastination is the enemy of progress. Your freedom awaits.

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Two Steps to Releasing Misery:

1. Awareness – Stand on your head, lay on your back, any position works as long as you breath and meditate. Become lucid and focused daily; it births awareness. When we are aware, ignoring misery is nearly impossible.

2. Focus on the your passion – What ignites your soul? Performing, filmmaking, writing or dancing? Perhaps leaving your day job immediately is not an option, but there are moments you may carve out – fifteen minutes during lunch or ten minutes before work – to expand your focus. Follow and focus on your passion.

How will you walk away from misery? What’s your passion?

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