It’s All Motivation!

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Every second is motivation. Each situation, negative or positive, from being snubbed at the office to receiving accolades. The larger question becomes not merely what motivates us, but how do we unpack it? How does the motivation live within us, and ultimately transform our situation (if we remain awake)?

Not long ago I sat in a meeting, my contributions on a particular project ignored. Fuming internally, I sat in silent acquiescence. Yet a few seconds later something beautiful transpired; I actively rejected the other person’s perception of me, releasing the energy of fear and self doubt, welcoming a space for imagining novel possibilities.

As a young woman of color I am frequently rendered invisible through myopic thinking and the prism of stifling stereotypes, refuting these requires a steely determination rooted in a growing awareness of my own potential.

Here is our challenge, friends. Start viewing various moments (particularly negative ones) as motivation to evolve more profoundly in relationships, career, family and life.

Perhaps your time is increasingly constrained. See this as an opportunity to become adept at time management.
Remember, it’s all motivation, remain open and aware.

As you go about your week ask this question: How can I transform a negative experience into a positive source of motivation?

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