Counting Blessings, Not Problems


Car issues, escalating bills, lack of time, fatigue, constantly juggling stuff, and on down the list. Numerous problems beset us everyday. Here is a radical proposition:

What if we stopped bemoaning those difficulties and instead, considered the blessings? 

Challenging? Yes. Well worth it? Definitely.

Gratitude revolutionizes one’s way of seeing the world and themselves.
Years ago as a teenager I discovered the writing of Dr. Maya Angelou, her words captivated me; I devoured whole books in 2 day spurts.

One passage in particular still resonates (although I cannot recall the book’s title). As a very young woman, Dr. Angelou felt sorry for herself, grappling with single motherhood and poverty. With a friend’s encouragement, she closed herself off in a room, and wrote down all of her blessings – family, friends, etc. One after the other, the problems dwarfed, her spirit renewed.

Remaining open and grateful for it all is a vital lesson, and yet it’s arduous. In those moments of quiet despair and frustration, step back and begin to search for the blessings – your child’s innocuous laughter, random joys couched in friendship, shelter at a time when so many are without.

Begin to count your blessings, they are innumerable.

Our Assignment:
List your blessings. Choose three you will acknowledge when you are upset; carry these in your wallet or store them in your phone or computer for frequent reference.

The next time problems emerge, read over the blessings. Observe how your mood shifts when these become the focal point.

Share your experiences with me! 🙂


Emelda De Coteau
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2 Replies to “Counting Blessings, Not Problems”

  1. Thanks for this Emelda! The book “40 days to Make a Miracle” is about just what you wrote. The author also affirms that declaring gratitude for things like a leaky roof, debt and stressful relationships helps us find the underlying blessing in EVERY experience. Please keep up the excellent work…

    1. Wow. Thanks so much, girl! Not familiar with that book but will def. pick it up. Thank you for continuing to read! I love talking with you about the posts. 🙂
      In Love and Service – E

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