Blog Chat: Grammy-Nominated Singer Carolyn Malachi

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When you ask most people how they are doing, they usually mumble ok, Carolyn Malachi will likely say amazing. Obviously, the great-granddaughter of jazz pianist John Malachi is not most people. Malachi possesses an ethereal grace; down to earth and warm, the Washington D.C. native and Grammy-nominated independent artist greets me on this frigid January day with a genuine hug and easy smile.

Her style is diverse, fusing Jazz, Hip Hop and Spoken Word into a veritable musical gumbo. From “Revenge of the Smart Chicks”(2008) to “Revenge of the Smart Chicks II”(2009) and “Lions, Fires & Squares” EP (2010), she remains committed to presenting her artistic truths. In 2011. Malachi received a Grammy award nomination for the single, Orion (“Lions, Tigers & Squares”) as Best Urban / Alternative Performance.

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Microsoft featured Malachi’s motivational song and video “Beautiful Dreamer” in its Windows Media Guide. Her “Free Your Mind” video imbued with motivational gems (“You on that doubt, I got these dreams”) supports The School Fund’s efforts to provide education for the world’s poorest students. 
Check out the first Live In Color blog chat with this dynamic artist and humanitarian!Video and editing by Keystone Productions (follow on Twitter @ KeystoneProd) or on Facebook (Keystone Productions).
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  1. This is absolutely fantastic! I feel as if I’ve gotten to meet Miss Malachi during this interview. She has such depth & a commanding presence, yet she’s quite humble. You ladies looked lovely as well! 😉

    1. Thanks so much for reading!! I don’t have a newsletter yet so RSS feed works best. Glad you like the blog.

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