Love, A Daily Journey

Photo Credit: Emelda De Coteau

The highest grossing holiday after Christmas, Valentine’s Day, is officially over, but the daily journey of love, genuine love, is ongoing. Rabid consumption of romantic objects will not carry us from horrific U.S. led drone strikes, imperialism, nefarious global violence – particularly against women, girls and animals, climate change, economic inequality and a host of other atrocities.

It all begins and ultimately rests within love and “belief in God, yourself…” Carolyn Malachi, Grammy nominated artist sings in “Dumela.” When we abandon love, justice and hope are annihilated, compassion and empathy lost.

Love is simultaneously simple and profound, beautiful and unnerving, transformative and grounding.

Love is letting a fellow driver over in traffic jam when you prefer to keep going. It’s saying hello to someone who makes it especially challenging, or finding beauty in unlikely places and moments. This is love.

Not what you expected read, huh? Believe me it’s not what I thought I would write, but as I grow in a progressive Christian faith and relationship with my family – particularly our daughter Naima – I realize that love is ever evolving, presenting me with new ways to share and experience its power.

How do you love when it gets tough?

Our daughter Naima
Photo Credit: Keston De Coteau
Emelda De Coteau
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7 Replies to “Love, A Daily Journey”

  1. “How do you love when it gets tough” Its the little ones that help me get through it all. Love is all the things you announced, allowing someone to get over in your lane. Saying good morning can simply dictate the love that’s pass through the day.

    1. Indeed! That is so true! You are on point, Shelly! It’s key to take the attention off of ourselves sometimes – stepping back & seeing the bigger picture. Thanks so much for reading! :))

  2. Two things is this world which is hard to do. Love and forgiveness. If we have love them the second thing will follow.

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