Blog Chat: ‘Mental Fitness Advocate’ Pebbles Armwood Inspires

Photo courtesy of Pebbles Armwood
Photo courtesy of Pebbles Armwood

Some people foolishly counted Pebbles Armwood out, the girl with a different learning style didn’t fit a teacher’s definition of college material. Today, the 30-year-old Baltimore native, charismatic and confident laughs and admits candidly, “I can hardly keep up with everything I’m doing.”

Affable and warm, it’s not difficult to see why Armwood is progressing rapidly after appearing on the Dr. Oz show last year to share her weight loss story. She dropped fifty pounds using his “green drink,” her own healthy juices, exercise and an improved diet. You can now add 2 pounds to that fifty, she says, laughing again, “It was hard getting those 2 lbs off!”

Over a year ago Armwood tiped the scale at 230 lbs; her doctor shared somber news, she was borderline diabetic. Armwood writes on her blog that she decided then not to “allow myself to become sick from something I have control over… At any cost if I can avoid, stop, and prevent any type of disease that’s what I will do.”

Now most days Armwood is juggling a dizzying array of tasks from blogging at Mental Fitness to launching her own website and business (selling her custom healthy drinks and consulting) co-hosting “Women’s Talk” on internet radio station WPBR, completing a book (due out August 17), and serving as an advocate on behalf of her fellow students at Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC).

Mental Fitness logo courtesy of Pebbles Armwood
Mental Fitness logo courtesy of Pebbles Armwood

“I had to learn that my journey wasn’t about the physical weight loss, it was about the mental and emotional weight that I was carrying that I needed to lose.”

Despite these impressive accomplishments, Armwood knows it’s all possible because she refuses to play the victim; today she is an empowered woman, spreading the message of self love, accountability and the challenge to be authentic.

I’m sure you will leave inspired and convinced that you have the power to change after listening to our blog chat via Soundcloud:

Check out Pebbles’ video produced by Keystone Productions, and find out how she makes that fabulous juice.



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  1. Pebbles Arnwood, is a success story. Not many people can get up the courage to speak about their educational level and weight. She has to be someone special. Great story I can’t wait to read her book. Keep moving forward and inspiring others.

    1. Indeed! Many of the most successful have the courage to be honest with themselves and us. Yes! I am sure the book will be a great read. Plan to have her back when that comes out. Thanks for continuing to read the blog, Shelly. I know you have a busy schedule so that means a lot! 🙂

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    1. Aww….Thanks so much!! :)) No worries. I am a tea, hot coco & chai lady!

      Wow! Amazing that so many folks are following the blog! Not surprised though, wonderful content. 🙂 I plan to explore it more.

      Thanks so much for liking so many of my blog posts!! God bless you.

      Live In Color – Emelda De Coteau

  3. Great story for American Heart Month. This is another reminder and motivation for me to take control of my health. It should truly be one of our top priorities.

    1. That’s right! I meant to put that in the article. Thanks for the reminder, Dionne. Yes, gaining control of our health is vital. Thanks so much for reading!

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