Obstacles, Opportunities in Disguise


It’s 9 a.m. and you are racing to work again, pantyhose running, the mind reels with mounting responsibilities, you feel confined, trapped. Breathe, step back and think about this: our obstacles and problems, from the mundane to complex, are opportunities in disguise.

Last week when I interviewed Pebbles Armwood, fellow blogger and mental fitness advocate she said something which resonated: “perception is reality.” Wow. Talk about an aha moment, and apt reminder about the power of attitude.

Carolyn Malachi, one of my favorite artists insists on her song, “Free Your Mind”: “Wherever you are, your mind put you there.” This is no easy lesson; it means you and I must begin the work of turning our issues backwards, and accept responsibility.

Are you frequently late? How could this be altered by practicing mindfulness, leaving ahead of time so that agitation and stress do not overtake you? Do you long to attend school, but feel there is little time to do so? Take one class, and begin looking for periods during the day when study time would work.

Turn your problems into solutions, your obstacles into opportunities. Here are two ways to begin:

1. Change your perceptions – You are not a hapless victim. Look at yourself differently; use affirmations, prayer and mediation.

2. Shift the Focus – My husband always reminds me to shift the focus. Instead of saying “this is impossible” and concentrating on the “problem”, actively look for a solution, shift your focus.

Think of a problem or obstacle. How can you turn it into an opportunity?

Emelda De Coteau
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2 Replies to “Obstacles, Opportunities in Disguise”

  1. WOW…Thanks for the eye opener. I have been procrastinating about school for so long but I have the desire to go. Your words are so inspiring.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! You can do it, Margo!! :)) Belief is the first step & then action. You know the old adage: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Here’s to your success!! :))

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