Freedom is Yours

One’s spirit can soar, unbound, within the confines of prison walls, or sadly sink, burdened and oppressed in a luxurious mansion. Freedom is a choice; its yours if you embrace it, courageously and fully. Otherwise, the silent acquiescence of stifled dreams slowly eats at our souls.

There are moments when the lesson becomes lucid, denial of truth, however arduous, becomes impossible to face. As I write this blog post, I release an albatross from my neck, and instead usher in promise where self doubt took root.

In this moment, close your eyes and envision yourself transcending the most arduous obstacle.

Would you abandon damaged relationships, concern about others perceptions, or your own myopic view of yourself? Unpack it all mentally, and then make the decision to be free.

Here are some suggestions to jump start your journey:

1. Prayer & Mediation – Take a few moments each day, turn off the television and radio. Seek God’s guidance through prayer.

It’s simple. Try saying: “Show me the way, God. Help me to walk into freedom by leaving behind my damaging realtionship, etc.”

Find a quiet place. Sit alone, breath in and out. Nothing constructive emerges from confusion. Before you plan those next steps towards freedom, you require an unencumbered mind.

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2. Vision BoardDr. Wayne Dyer talks and writes about shifting the focus towards the life we would like. This is the purpose of a vision board, its an authentic visual representation of your dreams and goals.

Get busy! Head to your local store for a cork board, poster or any other material and begin posting what you would like to see in your life.

Include all of the important elements – relationships (spiritual, familial, romantic, etc.) Is it a new business / career, or home? Tack it up where you can see it everyday.


3. Write it Down, The Next Steps – Move from visualizing your future to insuring it takes place by writing out your goals – 1yr., 5yrs., 10 yrs. For instance, list the goal and then the steps needed to manifest these new phases of your life.

For Further Reading:
Your Sacred Self: Making The Decision to be Free Dr. Wayne Dyer
Share your progress & feedback below. How are you becoming free?


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5 Replies to “Freedom is Yours”

  1. I am slowly sorting through piles of clothes and boxes of papers and random objects. “Nothing constructive comes from confusion” is one of my core beliefs. It seems like a lifetime ago when I had it “all together”, even my glove compartment was vacummed and neat! Now its taking weeks to fold the towels and cleaning out the car seems insurmountable. BUT I AM DETERMINED! My freedom lies on the otherside.

  2. “it means you and I must begin the work of turning our issues backwards, and accept responsibility” I agree, if you focus more on resolving the issue instead of dwelling on the problem or task and be stuck in the issue. Release yourself from looking at the issue as a problem, and instead concur the issue with solution, as you stated. Your Blogs are always on time. This was the topic of my house this weekend. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for reading, girlie! Yes. We must begin the work & it’s challenging but oh so worth it. I am learning the lesson now… :))

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