Are You Moving but Standing Still?



Nothing in life is arbitrary; even when stuff gets messy or uncomfortable, we must listen. The lesson is there. So earlier this week, when the elevator kept moving, but stubbornly refused to open, I fumed; I sighed, thinking about all the work I needed to do, and then I began thinking, what’s the lesson here?

Are you ready? You can move, but remain still, mired in the muck of low self esteem and despair. As my good friend Shelly says, “The best time to think is when you are stuck, forced to breath.”

As a writer, I believe in the power of metaphors. Perhaps your elevator is a job, stifling view of yourself or judgement you must release. Walk into the freedom of genuine movement.

Take stock of people and situations in your life. Are they enriching you, or diminishing your energy? If it’s the latter, begin to work on a strategy (writing out specific steps) to release them, beloved. We must become more, for ourselves, our children and the world.

Emelda De Coteau
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