Redirecting Energy


“Wherever you are your mind put you there.”
– Carolyn Malachi, “Free Your Mind”

Life is often described as a circle, as we move through various stages, but it need not become an endless cycle. Recently a friend and I were discussing our frustration with a situation when she reminded me about the importance of redirecting energy. “Imagine what you are capable of if you shift all of this energy towards your dreams.”

I define the redirection of energy as a transformation of focus – instead of continuing to dwell in misery, shift towards promise and solutions. Frequently, when faced with dilemmas, we must ask this question: “What is the solution?”

This takes practice, and consistently managing our inner dialogue, as complaining comes naturally, but beginning those concrete steps toward change is arduous.

Become unrepentant in your will and
determination, accept responsibility for this current situation. Only when we become clear about our present, are we able to envision our future. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s powerful film, The Shift, asks viewers to consider a novel kind of movement in our lives, releasing the chase of status and embracing deeper meaning and service to others.

Redirecting energy is possible, and it begins now, in this moment, with us.

Here is how you can begin the shift:

1. Prayer & Mediation – I begin all of my solutions on this blog because without communication with God and quiet mediation, our minds remain scattered.

2. Replace the Language – Instead of saying “I’m tired of this” say “I’m focused on_________ (whatever the solution is for you).

3. Visualize – Visualize your victory! Close your eyes, slow the breathing, and visualize your intention.

4. Get out Your Pen – Write out that plan, begin with numbers if it helps. Define what redirecting energy means for you in major areas of life – health, career, relationships, etc.

Please share how you are redirecting energy in your life.

Emelda De Coteau
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