No = Next Opportunity


Twitter is a peculiar place, a mix of self absorption (do we really care how much you hit the bathroom), and intellectual gems. Oh those quotes populating your feed! Amidst the explosion of verbal clutter one phrase stood out a few weeks ago: “No = Next Opportunity.” As time progressed, I found the phrase lingered in my consciousness.

What an insightful way to process rejection, not as complete failure, but an opportunity to begin. Often our perceptions of setbacks limit us more than the obstacles themselves.

Our challenge then becomes not merely accepting the “no,” but viewing it as an invaluable gift, a window for awakening to never imagined opportunities.

Perhaps a job you applied for said thanks, but no thanks. Stop. Think for a moment. What were your motives for applying? Is it in alignment with your passion, or the seemingly obvious next step? Remember, God speaks to us through open and closed doors. The lesson emerges when we listen, absorbing it all with an open heart.

Of course none of this is easy to process. I am still on the journey, working to make sense out of it all.

Two Ways to see Opportunity in a No:

1. Keep it in Perspective : Do you aspire to become an entrepreneur? Did the bank deny your loan request? Take a hard look at your long range goals, and put it all in perspective. One no will not eviscerate your dreams; if anything, it may strengthen your will to succeed, ultimately searching for alternative solutions.

2. Become Your Own Cheerleader:
Celebrate your strengths (intelligence, warmth, courage, etc.). We are rarely gentle with ourselves.

Recently, a good friend implored me to ackowkedge my accomplishments from taking out recycling to caring for our daughter.

Part of seeing no as the next opportunity is realizing the word is not an indictment against you. It’s simply a no, and by celebrating the awesomeness that is YOU, you realize this is a part of the journey. We are all arriving, constantly awakening.

Emelda De Coteau
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