Own Your Mess


If you want to transform the mess in your life, you have to own it. We have to admit to all of our impatience, defensive tendencies, depression, hopelessness, anger, and self deprecating speech. It is your mess to clean up.

Examine your suppressed emotions and habits which may be easier to define as character traits. Take a step back. There is difficult internal work ahead. Denial of your mess prolongs its stay, maliciously eating away at your progress, freedom and joy. Ownership is arduous, its a brutal business this honesty.

From birth, Western culture encourages perfection: disguise the flaws, whether physical or emotional, at any cost. Some people spend their lives hiding from truth, with full growth arrested by an inability or unwillingness to face themselves.

Freedom is possible, but it takes effort, a kind of relentless truth telling. Day by day, moment by moment. The journey is never ending, but our determination and commitment will lead us to another reality imbued with fulfillment and promise.

What habits are holding you back? Have you taken ownership? If not, consider how it would transform your life.


Emelda De Coteau
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