Thrift Store Shopping in Four Easy Steps


Does thrift store shopping throw you into a panic? I know it’s a lot to sort through. Fear not, fellow fashionistas! We’ve figured it out with four easy steps.

1. Quality over Quantity!
Grab everything you like, but only buy the things you LOVE. Really? Do you need more clothes you kinda like?

The necklace you crave may not have any clasps. Keep searching. Patience pays off in this game. You are one step away from the next phenomenal piece.

3. Snatch it when you see it!
While you’re thinking about whether or not to try on the shirt you’re holding, so is the lady next to you! DON’T LET HER GET YOUR SHIRT!

4. Get what you can.
Don’t try and find a complete outfit. If you end up with one, that’s great. The point is to purchase pieces you love, then take them home. Eventually, you’ll create a wearable fashion collage!

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