WARNING: SCAMS @ Farmers Markets

onionsMany farmers markets will allow just about anyone to rent a table and sell just about anything. You don’t have to be a farmer to look like one.  So, in the sea of produce and products, there are sure to be scammers swimming around.

Recently, I was OUTRAGED, while emptying my reusable bag of produce from a highly populated seller. WHAAAAT!! My onions, had grocery store stickers on them! To make matters worse, the sticker code was 4159. A code for onions which are commercially grown.

After a few days, all of the potatoes I bought from the stand were soft and rotting.

So, this is my attempt to re-channel my PISSED-OFF-TIVITY into positivity.

Don’t be fooled at Farmers Markets …

ALWAYS ask the seller, “Did YOU grow this food?”

If the answer is yes, ask a few follow up questions like, “Where do you get your seeds” and “Do you spray the plants or treat the soil with anything?”

By this point you will be able to feel whether or not you trust the farmer or seller. Even if you don’t speak farming, your gut will tell you if you should shop there or move on to the next!


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