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God has a sense of humor. I’m convinced! Here I am contemplating the notion of reclaiming space as a new Mom, with a full time career, graduate school and weekly blogging schedule. Who told me I should I even consider space? What? She gets a moment to herself?

Yet space is critical to personal growth, peace and joy. If we allow those around us to obliterate our physical, mental and spiritual space with their demands, eventually bitterness and resentment arise within us.

Saying no is liberating, particularly in an age of frequent communication from social media, email and text messages; everything, it seems, demands our full attention; instant responses to questions and concerns are not only desired, they are expected. “Didn’t you see my text from two minutes ago?” “Are you upset with me?” “I didn’t hear back?” Sound familiar?

Yes is infinitely easier because many of us are addicted to people pleasing, convinced our self worth is linked with other’s perceptions. How often do you check to see if someone liked your status on Facebook or is following you on Twitter? Increasingly, our culture fosters a constant need of approval from others. Yet small step by small step, day by day, we must reaffirm our worth by embracing the courage to say no.

Unplug it all from time to time! Turn off your cell phone, step away from the computer, and breath. Begin to become clear about your priorities. Does your family take precedence in this moment? Return your friend’s call after tending to your own household matters.

My recent conversation with a friend reiterated this lesson of self love. Reclaiming space is not selfish, it’s a necessary element to evolving into a whole and free human being. Our responsibilities no longer control us, we prioritize, and again begin by saying one word: NO.

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6 Replies to “Reclaim Your Space”

  1. It’s important to fill the well, isn’t it? Otherwise, a dry one makes everything else so much more difficult. Thank you for this lovely reminder!

    1. Exactly, Deb! We must leave room for ourselves! Thanks for reading. How are you reclaiming your space?

      1. Well, this goal has been very difficult for me, but I am trying to stay off of my home computer (my only Internet device) for one day each weekend. On the days that I have met my goal, I have been able to reclaim space for me as well as other projects that I have neglected this year. It’s a struggle to stay unplugged. <<>> Thank you for continuing to inspire me!

      2. Yes!! It’s difficult for me as well! Def. an ongoing journey! Kudos to you for all the progress you are making on a more beautiful & balanced life! Keep living in color.

  2. Thanks mel for this offering. Their must be something going on in the universe …. I feel a demanding energy. Maybe we are supposed to be demanding freedom, demanding justice, demanding purity. Instead we are demanding other people to give us what we are lacking inside, and to do for us what we feel we can not do for ourselves. I too am guilty. This week I reclaim my space! #YouPREACHEDThat!

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