Why Some Day is Right Now


Time is a seductive mistress; we simultaneously chase minutes, while convincing ourselves there is an abundance of hours. Yet no one is promised the next second or even year. Periodically God reminds you of this inevitable truth subtly.

While scrolling fashion news a few weeks ago, I read about beautiful celebrity stylist and British native Annabel Tollman, found dead at 39 in her apartment. The words seemed to mock me over and over again: “Dead at 39.”

Photo Credit: nymag.com
Photo Credit: nymag.com

Fashion industry insiders saw her as an anomaly, a radiant presence whose genuine kindness touched everyone. Tollman once said “Make a fairy tale and go and live in it.” Dreams were urgent, not distant thoughts to bury or ignore.

One can argue Tollman’s obvious advantages (white privilege and beauty) shaped her outlook, but there is wisdom in this witty quote. Someday is not some distant mirage taking shape years from now.

Someday is now, and if we deny the urgency of our dreams and aspirations, we annihilate our legacy and opportunity to illuminate the world around us with our talent and ideas. Make today the day you begin living in the now.

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