Romeo and Juliet are GAY!!

Photo Credit : diaries of a travelling cupcake fairy
Photo Credit : diaries of a travelling cupcake fairy

Romeo and Juliet is playing at the Baltimore Performance Kitchen celebrating LGBT Pride Month!

This play is incredible. Queer Romeo and “not-so-straight” Juliet were in loooove, hunni. I believed the whole story from beginning to end. The actors were SUPER HOT and it was amazing how they learned all those Shakespeare lines!

As Romeo climbed up the outside of a Baltimore fishing warehouse, the audience crowded around under the sunset. Then, we were swift away into the middle of the roofless warehouse.

The moon gleamed above us and it was 1303 . First, we danced with the Capulets; and then we saw the murder of cool cat Mercutio and the ghost of Tybalt. As we sat bedside with Juliet we felt her pain. Finally, all of us gathered around Juiet, in the Capulet tomb, as Romeo threw back a vile of poison and collapsed on Juliet’s breasts.




Live In Color – Shannon-Eli

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