Talking Music & Faith with singer Marcell Russell

Photo Credit: Keston De Coteau

Marcell Russell‘s rich voice lingers in the air long after our interview ends. It is a voice imbued with conviction and courage. The Baltimore native and man of faith is unapologetic about the role of God in his life, yet he’s honest about the chains of religious dogma.

As a preacher’s kid, Marcell grew up surrounded by gospel music, but wondered why it left out concerns his parents discussed: money, family, love, community, and friendships. His mother challenged him to talk about it, and he began writing music in 7th grade.

Years later, Marcell continues to write, perform, and produce, and is often compared to musical luminaries such as Donny Hathaway. During the late 90s he formed the band, Marcell & the Truth, releasing two CDs, Hopes too High and Symbols.

Photo Credit: Keston      De Coteau
Photo Credit: Keston De Coteau

This summer, he offers us The Serenade and The Sermon, a double CD which explores the darkest sides of himself and others while simultaneously looking at the light and beauty. We hope you enjoy our June blog chat with this phenomenal artist whose penned over 700 songs in eight years, and been nominated for twenty plus independent music awards.

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