Fashion Inspiration From Indigenous People

Do you ever get bored of seeing everybody wearing the same thing? I do. But I still find it hard not to buy trendy clothes which in many stores is all I can find!

So, somedays I’m wearing skin tight pants with an asymetrically cut shirt, just like a million other women in my area, but when it’s time for a photoshoot or when I have to dress to impress, I look for fashion inspiration from indigenous people.

I LOVE feathers, beads and headwraps. And tunic shirts with colorful prints, and boots. Let’s not talk about boots. Boots are the joy of my life.

Here are some inspirational outfits and accessories from around the world.

Photo Credit: National Geographic  Saami Reindeer Herder of Arctic Europe
Photo Credit: National Geographic
Saami Reindeer Herder of Arctic Europe
“Have you ever seen a picture that you wish was actually you? That’s how I feel about this Reindeer Herder. I need this entire outfit ASAP!”
Photo Credit: National Geographic
Equadorian Hat Maker
“Someone once called me Peter Pan when I put a feather in MY hat. But I bet no one said that to her! This hat, pin and gold bead necklace combo is #Everything!”
Photo Credit: National Geographic
“I bet this guy would never guess that his picture is on a fashion blog! But I do adore a shirt dress.”
Photo Credit: National Geographic
“Cool and covered is just my style.”
Photo Credit: National Geographic
“SEXY is an understatement!”
Photo Credit: National Geographic
Whaaat!?! “Could a flip flop be a hair accessory!? Three snaps for CREATIVITY!”

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  1. Very interesting selection of non-western dress. Challenges us to rethink concept of fashion. : )

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