Writer & Thinker Arun Gupta Talks Activism at Liam Flynn’s Ale House, August 2, 7pm


Genuine courage means looking honestly at ourselves, and wrestling with the questions we would rather ignore. Arun Gupta, writer and activist, will speak on resistance and challenging the norm at Liam Flynn’s Ale House (22 W. North Ave. Baltimore, MD 21201) on Friday, August 2 at 7pm. Our favorite radicals, Red Emma’s, are co-sponsoring Gupta’s appearance.

Gupta is the co-founder of NYC’S The Indypendent, Occupy the Wall Street Journal, and a regular contributor to Salon, The Guardian, and AlterNet.

Gupta argues that, “Nearly everywhere I have gone in the U.S. there is pervasive fear: of poverty, of joblessness, of the police, of the state. In such an atmosphere, few people are willing to speak their minds and fewer still stand up for their rights, or the rights of others. Where fear rules, democracy is absent…”

“Many of us are afraid to challenge our assumptions, examine our failures and perhaps most of all, are afraid to admit we don’t know everything and maybe are not right all the time.”

Gupta insists a path forward must directly challenge various forms of fear: fear of the state, corporations, and police, including identifying those fears, and building authentic relationships and communities of trust and solidarity.

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