5 Signs You’re Dating a Hater



You have a gut feeling it’s true, but who wants to believe the person they’re dating, sleeping with or even are married to is jealous of them? In modern terminology we call this person, “a hater.” They hate on our positive qualities and revel in our downfalls. Unfortunately, many of us have made “sleeping with the enemy” a regular occurrence.

Answer the following questions to see if you might be dating a hater; then keep reading to find out the GREATER LIFE LESSON.

1. YES or NO

The person in question spends time finding faults and flaws in other people.

2.YES or NO

You are not comfortable being 100% yourself, 100% of the time.

3. YES or NO

The person in question criticizes or scrutinizes your creativity, even as subtly as raising an eyebrow.

4. YES or NO

You have to DIG for a compliment from him/her.

5. YES or NO

In arguments, the person intentionally tries to hurt your feelings.
If you answered YES to 2 or more of these questions, YOU ARE DATING A HATER. Keep reading to understand why.

We are blessed with relationships to show us parts of ourselves that should be praised and parts that need improvement. While the person you’re dating is dealing with jealousy, you are being shown your own true feelings of inadequacy.

It appears that the person is telling you, through subtle or not-so-subtle ways, that the true authentic you is not good enough. In reality, it is you, your own hardened ego telling the soft inner you that you are not enough.

So, BREAK UP WITH THE HATER, and create a clear boundary that no more negativity will be tolerated as of today.

And BE GRATEFUL for this person for he or she was sent to show you some truths about yourself. There is no need to be angry. Release all negative thoughts and feelings towards the other person. His or her words and actions may have been ugly but you are the one who is hurting you. Think of all the mean things you tell yourself (your nose is big, you ain’t cute enough, you don’t have enough talent). And stop that TODAY.

For when you know better, you do better.

Live in Color – Shannon

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  1. So true! The same can even be said of friends. It is a Blessing in disguise and in the end you know what parts of yourself you may need to change and what negativity in your life you must let go, namely that person. 😉

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