So Hard to Say Goodbye to Summer Dresses


Photo Credit: Keston De Coteau
Photo Credit: Keston De Coteau

There is something effortless about the summer dress. Oh the joy of this after previous months of heavy coats and frigid temperatures. Usually there is not much ironing required; we can mostly wash and go. Music to most women’s ears, right?

Last Friday on my lunch break I picked up this chic multicolored dress (picture above) on clearance from Forever 21 for just $9.99. I am sure you can imagine my delight!

I have to admit, coming towards the end of August is always bittersweet; all the fashion magazines are turned towards fall, and I feel a bit like a girl whose stayed at the prom too long, convinced there is still time to dance.

I spent time looking at some of my favorite summer dresses from Anthropologie and a post on the Essence magazine website, creating a visual ode to the summer dress, that beautiful piece of our wardrobe that signals carefree days, barbecues and all around good times.
Oh what fun!

Enjoy your weekend and those fleeting warm days!

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