Six Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday with Style


The moment we enter the world is miraculous, and marking that occasion calls for continuous celebration. I’m for partying all month long! That’s right, darlings, break out the champagne, tutus and stilettos!

Since today is my birthday (I’m dancing as I type this post) and #FashionFriday on the blog, I decided to share six ideas for celebrating birthdays with uncompromising style.

Feel free to share your ideas with us. How do you celebrate a birthday with style?

Live In Color – Emelda

1. Watching Sex and the City – Everyone knows I adore Sex and the City! It’s a celebration of friendship, love, strong individuality, and oh yes, fabulous bags, Manolo Blahniks and all things stylish! Who could ask for more?


2. Enjoying Decadent Desserts – Release the obsession over calories and your waistline, and enjoy a decadent dessert. So let all of those self depreciating thoughts go and simply enjoy!

3. Wearing Fabulous Heels – There is something about the heel that instantly elevates my mood; I am taller, leaner, you know, I feel like a grown woman and all that jazz. The ultimate pair? Manolo Blahniks of course!

4. Watching Mahogany – I began this list by saying Sex and the City is essential to celebrating one’s birthday in style, well, I have one more film, the classic Mahogany starring style icons Diana Ross (Tracy) and Billy D. Williams (Brian). It follows Tracy’s rise from fashion model to designer in Europe, all while she struggles to love her longtime boyfriend Brian. The look and feel of the film is an ode to 1970s style in a way which feel effortless.

5. Art Appreciation – Take some time to appreciate art! Hit your local museum, or visit an artist’s website and explore. Art liberates us in ways we are still working to understand.

Romare Bearden is one of our favorites, particularly because of his use of bold colors and intricate collages.

6. Spa Day – We all deserve an opportunity to unwind. Visiting the spa is a wonderful way to rejuvenate your mind and body. If you are watching pennies like most of us, hop on Groupon or Living Social, there are always plenty of deals for beauty services.

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