Name one song by Solange.

If you asked me this question two months ago, you would have gotten a blank stare. But after hearing her latest CD (played on repeat for 2 weeks), I have a new respect for this artist and label owner who I used to see as only a fashion icon.

solange cart

Her latest album, True, is fun and upbeat with a unique soulful quality. A true reflection of feelings that come with being in love, it’s the perfect music to kick off a road trip or dance to while getting ready to go out. The songs flow perfectly together making it an ideal candidate for “repeat mode.”

Like cotton candy on a rainy day.

I guess the reason I fell in love with this CD is because my life has been so serious lately. Work has been hard, pay has been little, problems are plentiful in midst of prayers and faith.

So, shout out to Solange for giving us 28 mins and 15 seconds of a wholesome and meaningful good time!

Live in Color! – Shannon

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