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Eyeglasses and cool were rarely, if ever, used in the same sentence. As a kid, wearing them usually relegated you to the status of outsider. Classmates taunted friends who wore glasses with a cheesy but stinging insult, “four eyes.”

I always found them chic and studious. Most of my friends who need to wear glasses roll their eyes and give me a look that screams seriously when I say this out loud. It’s true, I insist, they are stylish!

Well, for the past few years, it feels as if designers are listening; chic glasses, especially those with a vintage feel are ubiquitous, showing up on the celebrated and fashionable among us.

Yes, that’s my picture above all this text, rocking green glasses from Urban Outfitters. I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorites with you from retailers like Retro Spectacles Eyewear, that reproduces eyeglasses like Marilyn Monroe wore in the 1950s or Indulgy on Etsy.

Perhaps this post will encourage you to rock your own cool vintage eyeglasses. If you do, share your photo on our Facebook page or tweet to us @LiveInColor26.

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