Kate Spade’s Fabulous Fall Bags


I am a handbag girl, through and through, y’all. I probably dragged my Mom’s purse around while still in diapers. Really! When I say beautiful handbags give me life, it’s an understatement.

I collect them (although baby Naima has slowed me down a little); they peak back at me from my closet, whispering style memories – a cool event or anniversary gift – by their mere presence. Yes, I adore this feminine wardrobe staple.

Kate Spade, a quintessential American designer creates the kind of purses, totes and bags a girl can live in 24/7 – elegant, stylish and modern with splashes of vintage.

This season her pieces channel a mix of the cult classic film Valley of the Dolls, and Sex and the City, with photos of models boldly rocking bodacious curls. We also get a sense of her love for literary arts with the book clutches. Fashion and books combined? Lovely! Can you tell I am ecstatic? Yes!

Check out some of my favorite looks:
Live In Color! – Emelda









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  1. Love the green one and the black and tan. Have visions of little Naima dragging your Kate Spade behind her! (Or was that a nightmare)

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