Autumn/ Winter Make-up Trends We Love

Photo Source: Dolce & Gabanna Fall collection, make-up by Pat McGrath

Who says motherhood makes us forget about our looks? Not me! These days I’m just pushing my daughter in a stroller to MAC. Yes, ladies, we really can do it ALL (ok, but I’m in no hurry to start changing my oil).

I am excited about fall makeup. These straight-off-the runway looks are simultaneously functional and fly.

Live In COLOR! – Emelda

Take a peek at five trends we’re loving! Let us know what you think. Are you feeling them?

1. Stand-out Eye Shadow

Photo Source: Lancome,
Jason Wu Fall 2013

Yes, it’s getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean eye shadow has to be bleak and gray, makeup artists are encouraging us to don colorful looks – variations of plum and glitter. Who turns down bling?

Photo Source: Bella Sugar

2. Va-Va-Voom Lashes

Luscious lashes are like stilettos, they take whatever you are wearing to the next level. Timeless!

3. Wine-Stained Lips

I absolutely adore the classic femininity. Grown-woman sexy!

4. Winged Eye Liner

Photo Source: Chic Profile
Photo Source: Chic Profile

No predictable eye liner here! It’s a lovely mix of 60s mod with a nod to the future.

5. Smoke, Smoke and Smoke

Yes, smoky eyes are usually a fall/winter staple look, but that’s no reason to cast it off to the side. This look is fairly easy to construct, and appears done without requiring blush, lipstick, etc. Wonderful for women on the go!

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