Cowboy Boots WURK!

close up bootIt was almost 10 years ago that I decided to save my feet, my back and my self-esteem by giving all of my high heels to my “femmey” friends. Emelda loves heels as I’m sure many of you do, but they just don’t work for me. Even though I won’t even ride a ferris wheel, more less a two wheeled explosive device, Mel says I’m a motorcycle chick. While some women rock stilettos, I’m rocking Nikes, Adidas or boots.


You may have seen my recent post, “Shout Out to Timberland Girls!” I would wear Tims for every occasion but sometimes a girl likes to get fancy. For those times, nothing fits my personality better than a fly cowboy boot. I got my first pair of Durangos when visiting Texas in 2006 and I’ve been in love ever since. As the company motto states, “It’s not just a boot, it’s an attitude.”

chain boot

Speaking of attitude, shout out to Taylor Swift for reviving the 80’s trend of wearing cowboy boots with dresses. I saw several women rocking this look last summer but neither a dress nor hot, sweaty feet are my fashion forte. I’ve been saving my boots for days like today! The temperature is 65 degrees, the humidity is gone and the air is cool!

Live in Color! – Shannon



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3 Replies to “Cowboy Boots WURK!”

  1. I love cowgirl boots! I just went to the Western Days Fest here in TX and do many ladies were driving the cowgirl boot and a cute dress or shorts. I have plans to get some for myself. ♥♡♥ yours! Great post! 😉

    1. Cool!! Yes! Cowboy boots are hot! Thanks so much for reading, Chel! You’ll have to share a photo w/us when you get yours!

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