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Valencia Pearl, Beauty / Style Editor at Live In Color blog
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By now you know Shannon and I love style, but we cannot write about it all the time (yes, we wish we could, too). So, we decided to add another member to our team. Say hello to Valencia Pearl, our new Beauty / Style Editor.

This hair stylist and fashion maven is a one-woman dynamo and working mother; she effortlessly juggles a busy life, while looking stunning. We thought who better to talk about all things beauty? She’ll be posting regularly (bi-weekly and/or monthly).

For today, she is answering your questions about hair. There are still a few others to respond to so this will be an ongoing series.

Read on below, and feel free to leave comments!  We love hearing from our readers.

Live In Color! – Valencia, Emelda & Shannon

Q: My teenager has two different textures of hair as a result of a texturizer from a year ago. It damaged the hair, and we did not texturizer again. Now she has natural coils with 1-2 inches of textured straight ends. Should we cut the texturized hair, or just trim it?

What is the best daily routine for natural hair? Where can we find age appropriate hairstyles for naturalistas?  

A: In my opinion, texturizers are more harmful than chemical relaxers. If the ends are weak, frizzy, or split, I would recommend cutting it. If the ends are in tact, a trim would have the same effect as cutting. Eventually,  she will have a head of healthy natural coils.

Natural hair (hair that is void of chemical straighteners) is extremely diverse and resilient. But remember my mantra: “Hair is Hair.” You must take very good care of it; coiled hair is also extremely fragile. Some natural divas do wash n’ go, co-wash, flat twist outs, and then with a spray of  leave-in-conditioner, and finger manipulations, they are off!

As the hair gets longer, styles become more complex. Combing, brushing, pulling and stretching are all things we do on a daily basis, but protective styling will help relieve your scalp, and hair of this tension.

You can find beautiful, free ideas on Pinterest, and tutorials on You Tube. Feel free to check out this helpful article for cool teen natural style ideas that are age appropriate.

Q: What are the best “box relaxers” on the the market?

A: Before my huge plunge into “professional beauty/cosmetology,” I’ll admit, I tried a variety of relaxer kits from Dark and Lovely to African Pride. I substituted what I thought I knew about hair care for professional expertise. I was a “box relaxer queen,” and it looked like it, too. My hair was dry, dull, and severely damaged.

It may seem like a simple process, but it is very complex. Chemical straighteners should be left to beauty professionals. Nairobi and Design Essentials are great relaxers, but shop around for stylist pricing and get referrals. Spoil yourself and book an appointment with a cosmetologist today!

Photo Source: Design Essentials
Photo Source: Design Essentials
Photo Source: Nairobi Professional Salon Systems
Photo Source: Nairobi Professional Salon Systems

Q: What is the best way to treat a dry scalp?

A: Your scalp is home base for healthy hair. Maintaining a clean, healthy and moisturized scalp is imperative to the vitality of your tresses. Shampoos strip your hair and scalp of natural oils. Limit the number of shampoo washes to no more than twice a month, and use a sulfate free shampoo, e.g. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil. Condition, condition, and condition. Still, don’t over do it. Another recommendation is Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner.

Avoid hot blow dryers and other heat tools. A light product like Kemi-Oyl is a excellent emollient. If the scalp is extremely dry, flaky, itchy or inflamed consult a physician.

Photo Source: Organix
Photo Source: Organix


Photo Source: Giovanni
Photo Source: Giovanni


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