I’M NOT SORRY for being a REBEL




With an easy swing, I crumbled your boxes.

Each time you said shut up,

I got a little bit louder.

 Now I have a microphone.


Just when you thought life had broken me

And you were happy, that I finally bowed down

My head was on the ground.

Praying strength for moments like now.

HA – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

I get on your nerves?

Well, you get on mine too.

Because you’re scared to be like me

and I don’t want to be like you.

Count the commas and the periods because I really don’t care

about your grammar or your labels or your church folk or your politics

or your sorors or your parties or your perfectly buffed floors.

I won’t hide or suppress or silence or lie or deny or surrender or minimize


Watch me sing, watch me dance, watch me take off all my clothes

And the next day watch me pray, covered from head down to my toes.


I am completely, out of your control.

I came in like a wrecking ball

The opposite of everything you wish I would be

Now try to put handcuffs on that.


I’m Not Sorry – The Movement
Join us in the I’m Not Sorry movement. It’s about accepting ourselves, our flaws, our truths, without regret and judgement. Do it in this moment. Stop apologizing for yourself, and start living!

We’re releasing details soon about a reader contest. We want to hear from you about what you are not sorry about.

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3 Replies to “I’M NOT SORRY for being a REBEL”

  1. Feminism is not limited to women. Feminism is not a passing concept of revenge thought up by 5-year-olds trying to get back at their male classmates who claim girls have ‘cooties.’ Feminism, sorry to hurt the egos disillusioned by myths born out of male insecurity that go back thousands of years ago, is a movement to disentangle and break down these out-dated notions based on… Well, based on nothing of fact, evidence, or reality.

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