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Nicki Minaj surrounded by models at collection opening in October
Photo Credit: Vibe Vixen

A few months ago, someone nonchalantly mentioned Nicki Minaj launched a clothing line at Kmart (October 9 officially). Honestly, my first thoughts were pink, cheap, cheesy, and next! I had zero confidence in her collaboration with the big box retailer.

Still, I think of her as a style icon. She reintroduced pink and red lip hues to young African-American women. Those full bang wraps she rocked remain smoking hot, and that oversized bum inspires booty photo shots, and butt lifts all over the world. She is hip-hop’s Lady Gaga – sexy, raunchy, and over the top!

Photo Source:  Blond-a-holic Buzznet
Photo Source:
Blond-a-holic Buzznet
Photo Credit: Complex Magazine
Photo Credit: Complex Magazine (October / November 2010)

Despite all of this I remained uninterested, especially with overwhelming work and family obligations. Well, on Christmas Eve with just an hour to spare, I hit Kmart, less than a mile from home. Other holiday shoppers hurriedly searched for presents; talk about an intense mood.

I intended to buy Bentley and Zion (my 2 baby boys) pajamas. I looked to my right and there it hung, the Nicki Minaj collection. Against all of my reservations, I stood mesmerized for several seconds. Yes. My eyes squinched, the bottom lip dropped. The line is presented like visual art; it’s vivid and eye catching. Wait. Am I standing in Nordstrom or Kmart?

What Christmas Pajamas? In a matter of seconds, this Baltimore woman became a “Barb” in Nicki’s world. The collection is beautiful, sexy, unique, well thought out, and true to her personal style. All the pieces I selected were under $30, and the sweetest part? I could take an additional 40% off!

Well, I hear your next question. Where would you wear these clothes? I think of it mostly as unique party wear. There are some pieces for the office, like a tailored white blazer with a large gold button.

But you know what? This is ground zero for rebels, bad women who resist regular, and love to break rules. Sound like you? This is your line.

My only precaution is to care well for these pieces, laundering on a gentle cycle, and purchase your true size. The fabrics look great, but are not as resilient as higher end ones. Sizes range from small to extra large so if you have curves like I do there is a range of beautiful, tasteful options to express your personal style.

Beauty and fashion for the masses! No matter what your bank account looks like, you too can be fashionable, fabulous and bold!

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