Inspiration for Your Ears: From Heartfelt Gospel to Mindfulness and Activism

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This week flew with dizzying speed so I listened to more music than podcasts, but still managed to catch inspiration from a plethora of sources.

My hairstylist Dominique turned me on to a heartfelt gospel song “Worth” by Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy.  Its such a beautiful reminder that God’s love for us is boundless and liberating.

Shannon, my bestie and LIC blog contributing writer, spent this week rocking out to Vixen Noir, an eclectic music artist who’s song “Dangerous,” celebrates independence and strength.

Andra Day, with her lovely vintage look and soulful sensibilities is officially one of my favorite new artists. Her song “Rise Up” eloquently captures the relentless spirit of determination. “I’ll rise up unafraid,” she sings boldly.

I just discovered Lizz Wright has a new album, Freedom and Surrender. The behind-the-scenes video is about this latest offering is fascinating; its always great to hear the artist discuss their work.

Affirming the lives of all black folks matters is essential for America’s healing. I love Koli Tengella’s take on this issue. His commentary is regularly featured on The Marc Steiner show, my favorite daily radio broadcast airing WEAA 88.9 FM.

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