Inspiration For Your Ears: From Following Your Bliss in Business to Freedom of Spirit

Photo Credit: Lechon Kirb

When we are true to our passions, the world opens. It’s such a refreshing way to live. 

I enjoyed another Jess Lively podcast learning about one of the founders of the Simple Green Smoothies, Jadah Sellner. 

There are moments when we all feel alone, as if God has abandoned us. Plumb’s profound song, “Need You Now” urges us to call out and rest in our creator, even when it’s tough. 

Love, love, love her energy! This webinar by Hilary Ruthsford of Dean Street Society about leveraging the power Instagram to propel your business forward rocks!

Awesome short NPR weekend edition story about how one man, musician Franklin Bell, created a home for the blues and community in his South Central, LA garage. 

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