Believing God When  it Feels Impossible

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“What is impossible with men is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

Think you got faith?, 2015 seemed to say, mocking us at every turn. I’ll show you, and the curve balls flew in rapid succession – car issues, ongoing family medical challenges, and tough business / career decisions. In myriad ways, it was the toughest year of our lives. I looked at my husband many times, drowning in exasperation and despair, often befuddled: Where is God in all of this?

There are days when I wake up, beating back exhaustion, and swallowing tears. Yet His grace sustains, guides me through the next day and the next. Moment by moment, one second at a time.  

Always, God provides sources of encouragement, inspiration and hope. I connect with authentic people on Instagram, their words become daily light posts along this journey, and songs like Mandisa’s “Overcomer” or “Intentional” by Travis Greene, exalt faith over fear. 

I find ministeries online and meditate on verses of scripture which feel as if they were written solely for me in this season of difficulty. And I read books (Dare to Believe) by healing ministers such as Becky Dvorak who works in Guatemala, and travels the world with her husband, delivering powerful testimonies, teaching people to activate their faith and walk in the supernatural.

Slowly, friends, I am learning to transcend the physical and embrace my spiritual eyesight. 

I believe God will do the impossible. And I say this to myself repeatedly, especially during those times when the weight of disillusionment chases  me, relentless in its pursuit of my joy. 

God can and will do the impossible in our lives, friends. Yet we must do our part, building radical and unwavering faith within our spirits. 

Three Ways to Activate Your Faith: 

1. Put up encouraging & healing scripture verses all around your home and office. Read them aloud daily, several times a day. 

2. Set aside quiet time to read your devotional and bible. Meditate on these words and ask God what they mean to you in this season of your life. I enjoy The First Five, a daily devotional app for iPhones and Our Daily Bread (which can be found in hard copy or electronic form – web and app). 

3. Listen to praise music with meaningful statements about victory and enduring struggle. I particularly enjoy selections from prolific artists such as Big Dadddy Weave, Mali Music, Lauren Daigle, and Plumb

How do you activate your faith? Share with me below! 

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