Inspiration For Your Ears: Mama Power,  Building Your Brand & Self Acceptance

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I spend lots of time listening to inspirational content. Do you know what I love even more? Sharing it with you, lovelies! 

Here’s my weekly round up:  

Travis Greene’s uplifting song, “Intentional”  about how God brings forth beauty, working all things out for our good, will have you pressing repeat. My baby girl Nai and I rock out to it everyday! 

As Mamas, taking care of ourselves often comes last, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This awesome podcast from MOMentity breaks it all down.

My bestie Shan, creator of The Free Gurl Club, has an awesome  YouTube show. This week she unpacked self acceptance and love. It’s all about celebrating you, and realizing you are enough! 

Abiola is the truth! The writer / speaker / go-to-lady for empowering yourself has an awesome talk on getting clear about your brand and what you have to offer.

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