Inspiration For Your Ears: From Jumping with Faith to Activism

Photo Credit: Pixaby
Photo Credit: Pixaby

Inspiration is everywhere if we remain open. I start my days filling up with Joel Osteen; he reminds me all things are possible with God.

This week I took in some great content – songs, talks and more. Here’s my 

Steve Harvey’s heartfelt talk on jumping for your dreams.

I discovered this beautiful Matthew West song,  “Forgiveness“, and I find it speaks to my heart anew each time I listen. The story behind it is amazing, too.

His equally stirring “Do Something” urges us Christians to create change (starting with our day-to-day action) instead of complaining. 

Activism + Soulful Music = new music from Black Lives Matter activists Rev. Sekou and Jay-Marie Hill. The duo is releasing an album this Sunday which is an ode to this growing movement. Here is the first track, “We Comin.” 

Mary J. Blige’s ethereal song, “Doubt,” is the anthem for every girl and woman people counted out. “Now you’re looking at a leader, now you’re staring at a Queen,” she sings unapologetically.

My bestie Shan turned me on to motivational powerhouse Lisa Nichols. Her talk, “The Art of Action“, on moving in a radical direction to live your dreams, will make you quite uncomfortable with mediocrity. 

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