Inspiration For Your Ears: From Healing to Helping Others

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

It’s been a hectic week, so I have not listened to as much, but what I have heard has moved me immensely. 

Here’s my weekly list of inspiration for your ears: 

This Cindy Trimm healing prayer is utterly moving. She covers every possible illness, declaring freedom from fear and pain. 

T.D. Jakes’prolific sermon about being grounded in your faith… its an essential part of walking in your purpose. 

Documentaries open us to new worlds. Check out The Drop Box, which  follows South Korean Pastor Lee and his dedicated efforts to rescue abandoned children. Folks leave unwanted babies in his “drop box”, and he and his ministry team welcome and care for them. 

Animals hold a special place in my heart. When I came across this beautiful video about a program connecting inmates with abandoned dogs, I could barely contain the tears. When we come outside of ourselves, liberation is possible. 

Michael Franti makes music that speaks to you in profound ways. His song Same As It Ever Was (Start Today) about police brutality and inequality call on us to create the change we seek. “A revolution is a battle between the future and the past…, he sings. “…you and me can make that change.” 

Screenshot via Michael Franti music video, “Same As It Ever Was…”
Screenshot via Michael Franti’s music video, “Same As It Ever Was…”

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