Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul: From Maya Angelou Docu. to Loving Your Natural Hair, and Walking by Faith

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Challenges followed me this week, one after the other, but I remained determined to seek out inspiration.

Here’s the weekly list:

Cannot wait to see this documentary on the colorful & prolific writer Dr. Maya Angelou. Democracy Now’s background coverage of it is excellent.

My blogging friend Afrotastic Lady has a lovely online space. She regularly features posts from other writers and creatives. Check out this beautifully-layered piece by talented singer Jessi Hughes about loving your hair, and how this connects to faith and personal growth for her.

Jessi I. Hughes, Photo via Afrotastic Lady Blog

Every moment of every day, God’s grace wins! You tell em’ Matthew West! 

No matter what your situation looks like in the physical, It Ain’t Over, because God is in control! Close your eyes and take in this powerful message from Isreal Houghton featuring James Fortune and Jason Nelson.

These kids are my heroes! They stood up for a child with special needs being bullied. I could not stop crying; their courage is so utterly moving!

Angela Davis and her sister, Fania  talk about self-care and how it’s tied to our larger struggles for social justice.

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