Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul: From Young People Exploring to Women of Color Creating Their Stories, and Embracing Gratitude 

Photo via YES! Magazine and My Block, My Hood, My City

I took a break from Instagram this week (for reflection and prayer), and scaled back on my other social media, too. I have enjoyed reading about activism and art, and listening to empowering words of faith.

Here’s my weekly list of inspirational content – from articles to videos:

Poverty is tragic in many ways, the most striking is its ability to make folks feel isolated. This amazing program is changing that – Chicago Youth Explore Life Beyond the Hood

Who says celebrities are all self-absorbed? I love that so many actors of color are boycotting the Oscars and demanding #JusticeForFlint with this free event.

Letting go is an art, and once we learn to flow with change, it’s liberating. This insightful post from author and professional organizer Bettina Blanchard lays it all out simply.

My blogging bestie Afrotastic Lady is a wonderful writer who shares from the heart. She tells readers what 6 things she’s grateful for each month (usually in a video). For February it’s everything from connecting with other bloggers / writers (like your girl! I was so flattered!) to her love of chicken wings! Lol!

The interior lives of “ordinary” women of color, particularly black women, are usually ignored.  Multimedia artist Njaimeh Njie has captured these rich nuances  with her recent photo  series, ‘Power (ed) by Grace.’

Actress Danai Gurira got tired of not seeing the complexity of African women in stories, so she wrote her own. Her latest play is Eclipsed.

Minister, motivator and author Cindy Trimm spoke to my soul with this talk on declaring victory over our circumstances with words of faith.


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