Why Leaving Our Cell Phones Home Some Days is a Good Thing

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“I imagine a world where we smile when we have low batteries, cause that will mean we’ll be one bar closer to humanity.”
– Prince EA, “Can We Autocorrect Humanity?”

The other day I left my house in a flurry, chasing a luxury which eludes me mostly (and many other women) –  a few hours for myself. Then I did something which is rare for this organized Mama – I left my cell phone home.

I panicked, y’all. You know the tense feeling that floods your gut, nearly overtaking you. Yep, there I sat, in rush hour traffic, praying for a red light so I could continue digging for my phone.

I remembered packing my Kindle, but soon discovered that battery was nearly dead, too. I know. I am an addict. Did I just type those words?

Finally, I made peace with the silence, and became present. No checking my apps or scanning for music. I simply sat, surrending to contemplation.

Funny thing happened along the drive to the salon… I noticed buildings previously ignored, rolled down my window and heard  the natural rhythmic movement of city life anew. Ideas for blog posts filtered in one after another – and all because I allowed my mind to rest.

Perhaps we should all leave our cell phones and mobile devices home more often; digital fatigue is real. And in many ways, friends, this push and pull to stay connected is changing us. Rest is becoming a mirage in a world obsessed with productivity and multitasking.

We fill our moments with checking emails and social media, jumping to answer text messages, and apologizing for late responses. Is it really that awful if we take a few days to reply to someone?

Spoken word artist Prince EA has a line from his song “Can we Auto Correct Humanity?” that comes to mind in this moment: “Did you know the average person spends four years of their life looking at a cell phone?”

Let’s take our years back now.

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2 Replies to “Why Leaving Our Cell Phones Home Some Days is a Good Thing”

  1. I so agree with this whole post. Sometimes, I get tired of keeping up with email, apps, and texts. It’s healthy to take a break from technology and just reconnect with yourself and others. Right now, I’m trying to take a month’s break from Facebook. I don’t like how obsessive that I can be with it.

    1. Yea!! Thanks, love! It’s totally healthy. My bestie Chel and I were just talking about this… It can all become so overwhelming and just take us away from our serenity. I’ve done month long breaks from FB. Of course I have a love affair with IG. Lol! Baby steps, right? We’ll get there. Thanks for reading!!

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