Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul: From Author Elizabeth Gilbert on Fearless Creativity to Practicing Kindness

Illustration by Sherrill Knezel

Lots of juggling projects this week, so not as much time to read and listen to inspiring content, but I always manage to squeeze something into the mix.  I am so moved by courageous women who are leading organizations to uplift their communities, journalists who seek unapologetic truth, and writers unafraid to reveal their vulnerability.

Here is my weekly list:

Author Elizabeth Gilbert on pushing past fear, and cultivating creativity constantly – no matter what.

Women-led movements are redefining power all over the world.

Lovely photo essay from blogger / photographer Tammy Strobel.

On the importance of being kind to ourselves.

One writer’s journey to self love, and saying no to doing more and more (which seems to be practically imbedded in our DNA as women).

The beauty of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”.

An engaging conversation from Unraveling the Mind blog on Beyoncé, capitalism and activism.



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