Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul: From Singer Anthony Hamilton on Love to Living Unplugged

Photo from “Amen, Anthony Hamilton’s new video. Released March 2016

Is it Friday, already, y’all? The week is moving at warp speed and  as usual, I am enjoying new music. There is something about spring, huh? It feels like everything is brimming fresh with hope and promise.

Here is my latest roundup of inspiring content on the web:

Grown folks, music, fam! I just got my whole entire life with Anthony Hamilton’s concert on NPR Desk series. I can’t stop humming along to the new song, “Amen.” These lines are everything: “If I had to testify, I would say she is the truth… Got me saying Amen from the bed to the stove, from the church to the job, best thing I know. ”

My blogging bestie Nellie over at Adalmar Life is an introspective soul. Her writing always challenges me to think and this post is no different: The Art of Connection: Antisocial Media.

Survivors of domestic violence grow food and confidence through an innovative program in Kentucky.

The ethereal Corrine Bailey Rae singing her new piece, “Stop Where You Are.” “Light the fire where you are… Give up all the things you can’t control,” she urges us ever so gently.

I recently discovered signer Yuna’s powerful music. This song, “Live Your Life” about walking in your purpose is uplifting: “Don’t  hide from what you are… Rise before you fall,” she reminds us.

An artful examination and discussion of women who wear the burqua from OF NOTE, a digital magazine connecting art + activism through a global lens on the Marc Steiner show.

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  1. Hey girl! This is Brittany! I just want to say thank you so much for this! I also read your other post on black love and Nellie’s post about disconnecting from social media. Loved them both!! This is something that I need to begin doing every month as a fast to get more in tune with God, loved ones, nature, and myself. I think that will be very exciting and eye opening!

    Love you,

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