Beauty / Style Finds: Artist + Activist Ebony of Amorous Designs 

I met Ebony a year or so ago through helping to organize a march for womyn and girls of color impacted by police violence. Her fierce energy and creative spirit impresssed me, and when I began this series highlighting eclectic small shops I thought of her.

I’m sure you will admire the wide range of her  work and appreciate Ebony’s unique artistic gifts – music artistry, activism / organizing, speaking and jewelry-making – it seems she does it all!

Ebony of Amorous Designs

Tell us about Amorous Designs. What materials do you work with? 

Amorous Designs offers beautiful handmade jewelry, faux septums, healing crystals, meditation oils, and headwraps. Amorous Designs uses wire, beads, brass, copper, and suede to create handmade earrings, necklaces, rings, faux septums and bracelets. I use herbs and 100% pure oils to create meditation oils.

 What lead you to start your business? 
Art is healing. I created jewelry to combat depression, anxiety, stress, and I [also] did not want to buy anything that everyone else was wearing. I was always interested in my own style and I did not want to support major corporations when I had the gift to create my own unique treasures.

After 2 years of creating my pieces, and numerous compliments about my wears, I decided to start, Amorous Designs. Starting Amorous Designs has been very in tact with my journey. Each design is handcrafted by me and I take special care of each piece during the creative process. I only want my customers to wear something I would wear and to love it just as much as I do.

What inspires you to keep creating?  

Growth. As I continue to grow as an artivist, (activist and artist), so does my business. I am constantly changing my hair, ideas, style and redefining who I am. It’s important for everything that I interact with to reflect this. I am inspired by the beauty of African women.  

The colors, style, original and tradition beauty that African women exude is both inspiring and intriguing. I create jewelry with many colors to compliment the infinite beauty of indigenous women from head wraps to traditional garments.


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All photos courtesy of Ebony at Amorous Designs.

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